In 2015 I won my second world title, my first was in 2013, and I won 3 British Titles back to back. I race domestically across Europe in Poland and Sweden and in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix Series.

Speedway is pretty much motorsport in its rawest form. We race 500cc motorbikes that weigh around 75kg, and they accelerate faster than an F1 car with top speeds of up to 80mph. The big difference is we don’t have brakes! The bike just has a throttle, clutch and one gear and we race on shale-based oval tracks and you basically power-slide around the corners. It’s pretty gnarly!

Each race has four riders, we do four laps and the first placed rider gets three points, second two, third one and nothing for finishing last. In the GP Series, the top 16 riders in the world race over 11 rounds, and every point you score counts towards your overall total. The top eight scorers from each round go into two semi-finals, and then the top two from those races go into the final, where the winner is decided.

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TAI Woffinden insists there are no long-term worries about his fitness after a horror crash in Poland at the weekend. Woffinden was forced to sit out Tuesday’s meeting for his Swedish League side Masarna after the full force of the crash caught up with him. But he admits: “I’m a lucky boy!”

The double World Champion piled up with with Czestochowa’s Rune Holta during Wroclaw’s narrow Ekstraliga defeat – only their third of the season. He was able to take his place in the Ekstraliga Riders’ Championship in Gdansk on Monday where he notched seven-points but was clearly in discomfort. Said Woffinden: “There was nothing I could do, Holta didn’t control his bike properly and I was sent crashing, it was a big one.

“I feel battered and bruised but I know it could have been so much worse and thank goodness it wasn’t. It was probably one of the worst crashed I’ve had in my career. “I really don’t know why he did it, but I know I could have been badly hurt but I’ll race on from here.”

Woffinden scored 14 in Saturday’s Teng Tools Swedish FIM Speedway Grand Prix in Malilla – and he felt a lot better on the bike. He was trying a different engine but insists it’s not the end of his long term relationship with tuner Peter Johns.

He said: “I just tried something different in Malilla and it felt good, I was pleased with my performance and I felt good on the bike. “Different riders try different things at times and I wasn’t the only one. I’m still working with Peter Johns and using his engines in Poland and Sweden in the league meetings but I just wanted to try something different in the World Championship.

“That performance level is where I need to be in every round for the rest of the season. If I keep hitting 14, 15 points something like that then I’ll end up having had a good season. “I’m fifth but with the chance to move up the standings so I’m pretty satisfied right now and I’m just enjoying my speedway, that’s the key at the moment.”

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Western Australian Under-16s champion

Scunthorpe all conquering Scorpions Conference Shield, Knock Out Cup, Conference Trophy, Lincolnshire Cup ,Conference Championship

Awarded supporters rider of the year (SRA)

Awarded young supporters Rider of the Year for the Scorpions at Scunthorpe

Nominated West Australian Young Sports Person of the Year

Awarded most improved Under-21 rider (MCWA)


Youngest ever rider to appear in the British Championship Final

1st in the Karlstad Open

Conference League Riders Champion

British Under-18 Champion

Premier League Championship with Rye House

Conference League Championship with Scunthorpe

Awarded supporters rider of the year (SRA)

Awarded young rider of the year (SRA)


Winner in British Under-21 Championship at Arena-Essex

Rode for Great Britain at Vojens in Speedway World Cup

Captain of Great Britain Under-21 team

British Under-18 Champion at Scunthorpe

Winner in Premier League Riders Championship at Sheffield


Captain of the Great Britain Under 21s Team(Germany)

First in World Under-21 Championship semi-final in Hungary

Winner British Elite League with Wolverhampton


Competed in the 2010 Speedway Grand Prix series


Winner in British Under-21 Championship at Arena-Essex

Winner Golden Ribbon at Pardubice, Czech Republic

Winner Young Rider of the Year at Wolverhampton

Winner Rider of the Year at Wolverhampton


Winner Rider of the Year at Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Wolves Top Scorer

Winner Rob Woffinden Classic in Perth, Australia


Winner British Speedway Championship

Winner Czech Speedway Grand Prix

FIM Speedway World Champion

MCN Man Of The Year

W.S.R.A Rider Of The Year

BT Sports Panel Minority Sports Person Of The Year

Made Team GB Captain

Wolverhampton Speedway Supporters Rider Of The Year


Winner British Speedway Championship

Winner Czech Speedway Grand Prix

Winner Swedish Speedway Grand Prix

Parliament MPS Award, Travis Perkins Achievement award

Elit Vetlanda Rider Of The Year


British Champion

Speedway World Champion

FIM Scandinavian Grand Prix Winner

FIM Czech Republic Grand Prix Winner

Swedish ElitSerien Winner


British Elite League Wolverhampton Champion

2nd Speedway World Champion


Peter Johns (Engine Tuner)

Jacek Trojanowski (Chief Mechanic)

Konrad Darwinski (Mechanic)

Robert Ruszala (Mechanic)

Leszek Wiśniewski (Mechanic)

Nigel Pearson (PR)

Simon Pykett (Web Design)